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Actual Army Ranks based on Tourny Results

Started by Arguleon-veq, December 02, 2012, 02:13:14 AM

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Thought some of you may find this ineteresting, this is the actual rankings with regards to how well each army performs. This is based on each armies top 30 scores taken from every registered tournament worldwide with rankings HQ.

1. Ogres
2. Lizards
3. Vampires
4. Skaven
5. Daemons
6. Empire
7. Warriors
8. Brets
9. DE
10. O&G
11. HE
12. Dwarfs
13. WE
14. Tomb Kings
15. Beasts

Ogres is an obvious one but as im not a regular fantasy tournament player [only having attended 2 small fantasy tournys in the last 12 months] I am suprised at Lizards in at no.2 and the fact they and Skaven outdo Daemons. Also pretty shocked to see High Elves so low. 
X-Wing Tournaments;
1st - 38
11th - 33


What surprised me was in the US GT rankings of the top 10 players, 4 played wood elves. The guy ranked #2 in the US kicked my ass with wood elves when I was playing ogres.


Is the US GT properly ranked? UK tournaments run by GW [so just throne of skulls now] dont actually get ranked anymore because of the stupid scoring system they have that doesnt actually rank you on who is the best player.

I think one problem with fantasy tournaments is that they tend to be comped. So there are a lot of restrictions,I think if the US and UK limited their comping [as they are the two biggest tourny scenes] then we would probably see Dwarfs very high as you can just take horrendous fire power. Same with TK, uncomped the Khalida gunline is horrendous which is why it tends to win totally uncomped tournies.

X-Wing Tournaments;
1st - 38
11th - 33