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Fantasy Deamons

Started by Chris, August 23, 2014, 09:56:05 AM

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Hey all.
With the advent of this Nagash and the End Times thingy going on with GW and Fantasy, my gaming club have gone a little bit fantasy nuts and have convinced me to once again try my hand at fantasy... (I think I bought the rule books for the last 4 editions and not really played and I just couldn't be bothered to try)...

So, I figured with the immenant conpletion of my Sons of Corvane (Up to 2000pts), I would start a fantasy Deamons army. Only, I'm going to use the LOTR Moving trays so I can keep the models of round bases (ergo collecting a 40k deamons army too!)

Has anyone got any suggestions?
So far, I'm only looking for 1000 points (Which would equate to maybe 1500 in 40k scale).
I'd want a fairly heavy Khorne element in there but I'm also thinking a nice big block of Nurgle in order to hold the line...

By the sounds of it, Deamons have become a lot less the powerhouse they used to be and now can be very fun due to increased randomness and unpredicatability (ranging from whole new free squads appearing on the board to who squads of either freind or foe simply dissappearing!)

So, does anyone have any experience with these incorporeal fella's and be up for sharing some advice?