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Started by Narric, March 06, 2014, 12:14:23 AM

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Putting this up for those that may want to buy or sell on the forum to avoid charges from eBay and similar sites.
This is currently my personal opinion, and I encourage others to put forward there own suggestions for improvements. Rather than rules, this shall be written as a list of suggestions.

Suggestion #1: Be clear about what you are selling.
Make sure to state the race, and what type of part/model it is. This is predominantly a GW focus, so for anything that is from a different miniatures manufacturer it would be best to state that also.

Suggestion #2: Take Photographs
Ensure that you have presented everything you are wanting to sell at least once.
It is also a good idea to make sure the pictures are clear.

Suggestion #3: Research Prices
It is always useful to include a price that you think is fair for a model or part. If you're selling a complete kit, or completed model its usually best to go with 50-75% of the price of price of a brand new product.
If the model or piece has been painted, or has had some simple modifications, it is best to not go more than 50% of the price of the same brand new.

This thread is open to all suggestions. If you think there is something that needs adding, make sure to leave a reply.

Thanks for reading


Naser Al-Istikhara Cyrus

4. State where you're willing to ship, as well as working out who's covering the postage (if applicable)

5. It would also be nice to let people know of the mishaps/hardships the models may have been through. I bought a battleforce of IG that was advertised as "primed in black spraypaint" only to find that it was true...just that the spray-paint wasn't from was a $2 can from a hardware store. And it was thick! Was a pain to work around. Letting people know this in advanced prevents nasty surprises for buyers, which in turn increases the buyer's opinion of the person and the site's trading integrity.

Other than that looks good, aside from the few typos in suggestion 2 :P
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