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Dark Elf Pendant of Khaeleth

Started by Deraj, May 02, 2013, 06:48:10 PM

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For those of you not aware of this item, it grants a save where you must roll equal to or lower than your opponent's strength to save, and a 6 always fails. For example vs strength 3 you would have to roll 3 or lower to save, but against strength 5 it would be 5 or lower. A lot of people couple this with a 2+ armor save, making it truly aggravating. This brought up a question between a friend and I: is it affected by okham's mind razor? What other ways can you kill it? Killing blow on low strength, high attack units seems to be the best bet, but any advice would be helpful.


Also be worried when It's teamed up with the crown of command. A stubborn dreadlord is probably the worst thing in the world to get rid of!

Lots of low strength attacks is the way forward. And yes, it is effected by okhams mind razor, it is a strength based attack.


Yeah it is, its a nightmare to deal with although the new Chaos Lord builds are pushing him close for the biggest unkillable pest spot.
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There's a couple new high elf things that seem like they could hurt it. In particular arcane unforging and... Teclis' attack :P


Just look out if he's on a pegasus. The maneuverability that it offers gives the dark elf play the chance to get out of line of site and hit where he wants to.

Now that im a dark elf player at all  :shifty:


Statistically speaking strength 4 is your best bet for trying to directly kill him if he has just a 2+ armour (So Ogres are the ideal unit for anti-Pendant duty due to the sheer number of attacks they can throw at him) but if he has a 1+ save then just throw as many attacks as you can at it. Something is bound to stick.

Another option is to use things that simply dont have a strength value. My terrorghiests make short work of Pegasus-Pendant builds by ignoring both the armour and the ward save, and you can always take a Death wizard and snipe his ass with Spirit Leach, The Caress of Laniph and especially The Fate of Bjuna. If you know your going to face one then it shouldn't be too much problem to get rid of him.