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2400 Warriors of Chaos

Started by Arguleon-veq, March 27, 2013, 11:54:37 AM

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Warriors have always been my main fantasy army so its about time I updated my list for the new book. I was running festus with chosen, a big halberd block with bsb abd lvl4 shadow, 2 hellcannons, 40 marauders and a few knights. Now that warrior blocks have been nerfed I will have to cut back on those. This is what I'm thinking;

Lord - Tzeentch, Third Eye, Soul Eater, Crown of Command, 4+ Ward, Shield, Sword of Might, Disc.

Its the standard unkillable lord,but does he do enough? A big weakness for chaos is getting controlled by chaff and he really helps against this and he can hunt war machines and support combats but I'm not sure if points would be better spent on an unkillable lvl4 metal wizard on disc instead? The other option is the now very popular DP but I think he is still just cannon bait as you can't make him survivable enough against warmachines.

Festus -
BSB - Nurgle, Shield, 5pt Magic Sword, Re Roll Saves Item(dawnstone?), Scaly Skin.

These will go with my warriors, the BSB is super durable with MoN and a 1+ re rolled.

16 Warriors - Halberds, Nurgle, Shields, FC.

Throgg + 7 Trolls - Addintional hand weps.

My second main block to hold my line with Throgg adding real punch to the unit.

Gorebeast Chariot - Nurgle
Gorebeast Chariot - Nurgle

These guys are to support each main line block, one of these in the flank should turn any combat and they are very durable so don't give up easy points.

Hellcannon -
Hellcannon -
4x5 Hounds -

The Hellcannons give me the luxury of sitting back whilst the lord gets me some points to force the enemy to engage my blocks. The dogs are on usual redirect duty.

Now one problem is that I don't have much of this but I have a few ways I think I can keep costs down. 1; luckily I have 8 scenic monster bases and 7 heroquest firmir who I could just stick on them as trolls, I also have a heresy minis cyclops with flail who would make a great throgg. 2; I need 2 corpse carts to convert into nurgle themed skullcannons for my daemons with leadbelchers on top, I will just make the belcher detatchable and put two warriors in place when I'm using my warriors, I will also have my nurgle spawn for 40K so I can just place one of those at the front of the base when I need to as the gorebeast.
That means all I actually need to buy specifically for this army is a disc so I will just get the cool new burning chariot.

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