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Isle of Carandia (RPG)

Started by Narric, November 24, 2018, 09:49:24 PM

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Ben groaned inwardly, but nonetheless decided to follow Nyx. Best not to let her go alone, he reasoned, not if there could be danger. And if not, maybe he could finally get some sleep.


Aela and Raven dragged the comatose warlock to the side of the road so that those that were fighting fires weren't impeded, while Nyx and Ben made their way to the front entrance of the church in the middle of the town. She noticed the Cleric was muttering under his breath the entire walk.

"Hey you don't seem to be to fond of the Church." Nyx piped up after a horse and cart carrying water passed them. "Aren't you part of the same religion?"

"All I'm willing to say right now is that I have a slight difference of opinion with the Church of Karuma." The bruised and bashed acolyte responded.

With the commotion of the fires, the tall and heavy doors of the church had already been opened. It was quickly apparent that despite its size, the establishment had only a handful of Vergers who were loudly directing each other to parts of the town that needed healers. A tall thin human man all in black vestments finished blessing the last of the clerics, and began to turn to the door before impulsively turning to Nyx and Ben.

"My children, are you in need of aid?" His face had the hallmarks of a long lived and devout clergyman, his voice soft but deep. "If you're the ones who dealt with these aberrations then you have my thanks on behalf of the church and the people of this town." With that he bows down respectfully as Nyx and Ben come up to him.

"That be us, and we have the warlock who was controlling them." Nyx took the lead on the discourse. "My friends and I could do with a roof to rest under and thick walls to secure our detainee." She thumbs in the direction of the captured warlock and her other party members. The priest follows her gesture and nods.

"Exceptional." He seemed a little surprised the Warlock was captured. "I'm not sure if we have a secure place for him to be kept, but I shall certainly grant you use of the grounds and main hall. I think it fair to say please don't cause any damage to the furnishings?" Ben was holding his holy symbol, and eye'd the priest.

"What god does this church dedicate itself to?" He felt compelled to ask.

"We are but a small town, so this church has altars for each of the three." The priest bows to Ben briefly. "Karuma sits in the middle, while Grenator and Silvachur are on either side. Balanced as it should be."

Nyx Perception: 18


Benjamin accepted the priest's words, relaxing slightly. A smaller temple, with no strong affiliations to the orthodoxy of his religion was preferable. It didn't rule out the possibility of the warlock being connected, but at least he wouldn't have to worry about those who thought themselves pious while betraying what Karuma stood for.


 "Thank you", Nyx beamed up at the priest and then set about searching for the best place to store the captured Dragonborn.

She was mainly looking for out-of-the-way areas with no windows and only a single door, just big enough for an interrogation, ideally with thick walls and a solid door that might muffle noise. A storeroom would be perfect and if she was having trouble she'd ask one of the local clergy for advice.

Nyx was hoping to get him secured quickly so she could get some sleep, it had been a busy day and she was disappointed that she couldn't make use of the inn. She made a mental note to go back and get a refund for the bed and bath that she was no longer permitted to use.


Nyx found a couple side rooms inside the church to use, which was good as aside from the Priest, there were no other attendants around. Either side of the front door were two storage rooms, and further up was the base of the bell tower that opened towards the side entrance. Carefully dragging the unconscious Warlock into one of the storage rooms, lumping him onto a chair, and the group making their way to stand outside the mostly secure room.

"So how do we plan on talking to this guy?" Nyx asked the group as a whole. "Considering how dangerous his mouth could be, can we get much good information based on just yes and no questions?"

"What about keeping him locked in there for a while and see if he looses any sucrets when he wakes up?" Raven twitched his focus of vision from each of the party. "He could be a monologue-er?"

"I think a rest would be good, or at least I'd like to find a place to rest." Ben grumbled leaning heavily on his stave. "I wonder if the priest will allow us to sleep in the pews?" He scratched and rubbed his chin in thought.

"Does anybody know a spell that might make him more amiable to answer questions honestly?" Aela suggested, while rubbing the cut on her hand from the gauntlet. "And is waiting a good idea at all? Whomever employed him likely would be expecting results from that massive attack, and the Warlock to return in good time. Surely by now they will be suspicious of his lack of presence, assuming isn't just a caster for hire?"

At present, the church is empty. Neither the Priest or any Vergers have said or done much in your direction, especially as they're currently trying to help the surrounding town. The Priest can be found at the alters at the far end, and he is currently inspecting each in turn to ensure proper decor is upheld.

A Long rest would recover all spell slots and lost HP while within the church walls, and the Warlock will likely awaken while restrained. Interrogating the prisoner right now would ensure minimal interruption from the clergy, but if something goes wrong it could go worse quickly. You currently do not have any sleeping arrangements, as the Inn kitchens had caught a small fire, and with night quickly enveloping the land it is unlikely another will open their doors for a band of adventurers to rest.


"I could try to Charm him, if you think it's worth a try," Ben suggested after a moments thought. "It probably won't work though, given his opinion of us. Beyond that, just remove the gag and be ready to knock him out if he starts speaking."


 "Hmm, I'm not sure hexing him would do much, and I wouldn't be able to do that until tomorrow. We might as well just start now and see where threats of physical violence get us."

And with that, the tiny gnome reached into her coat and pulled out a flame-bladed dagger. She pushed a box up behind the Dragonborn, clambered up onto it and held the waved blade at his throat.

"Alright, let's wake him up".

She carefully pulled the gag from the other Warlock's mouth, held her dagger under a scale on the Dragonborn's neck and gently started levering it up. He woke with a yelp of pain and Nyx's cheerful voice sounded from behind his left ear. (Do lizards have ears?)

"Hello there! I think you owe my friend an apology. We understand you've just started up in the brewing industry but we'd like to complain about your hygeine standards, you shouldn't be letting corpses near consumables. Could you explain your thinking with regards to this action? And why there isn't as much beer as there used to be, oh, and also why you attacked the town, that's another one.

I should point out that if you try to cast anything then this blade will nick your artery and you'll get blood all over my clothes and it'll take ages to clean up and I'm sure you don't want to inconvenience me like that".


Ben watched with equal parts amusement and apprehension. He had quickly moved round the side of the warlock, out of his peripheral vision, and pulled out his mace as a precaution.

As for questions, he decided to keep quiet for now and see where Nyx's approach got her. If it didn't work he could always try charming him like he'd suggested.


The Warlock groggily awoke to the threats laid down by Nyx. He audibly gulpded in response, quickly taking in the situation around him.

"He, Hey now, lets not get too hasty?" He smiled in fear, eyes flicking from each member of the present party. "Its nothing personal, just business for me, you know?" He couldn't help but nervously chuckle.

"Oooh?" Nyx practically purred. "And who are you doing this business for? You'd love to tell us this, wouldn't you?" An extra poke with the dagger to emphasis the encouragement for spilling the beans.

"I wish I could tell you, but they hired me via telepathic message!" If Dragonborn could sweat, this Warlock certainly was. "I was told I'd be paid on completion of killing any non-locals in the town, and that my methods were to be my own!"

"So those zombies were yours?" Ben piped up, raising an eyebrow and softly rubbing his holy symbol with one hand. "Strange that your methods align somewhat with what we've previously dealt with in some capacity... Are you sure you can't or won't tell us who your employer is?"

"I swear, I was never in contact with anyone in person."

"So you don't know anything about the local Meadery?" Nyx returned to a previously unanswered question.

"I can tell you their premium stuff is worth the gold? Aside from that I have no idea wat a Meadery has to do with me."

Nyx Intimidation: 17
Nyx Persuasion: 17


After several seconds digesting this, Ben was about 85% sure he believed the Warlock. Still couldn't hurt to add a little more pressure...

"Ah well," Ben sighed. "I suppose that'll have to do. A pity, really. I doubt that'll buy you much leniency from the townsfolk. They're a bit peeved. Vexed, really. Your sleep spell led to a fair few fires. I heard somebody may have died. I'm new here, of course, so I dont know what fate their laws have for murderers. Still that's for them to decide, and I can't think of any good words I'd put in for you..."


A heavy plated hand thumps against the doorframe, jolting everybodies attention to the new individual who had just arrived. They were a seven-ish foot tall man bedecked in full platemail, their helmet held in their other hand. The man had an above average handsomeness to him.

"If you're done, I'll be taking the criminal into lawful custody now" His voice was young but somehow gravelly. "I hope you got whatever you needed from him, but if you didn't don't worry, as it'll take a few days to tally up what trouble he's caused for the town."

"Oh aye, and who are you tall, plated and handsome?" Nyx smiled from behind the warlock, retracting her dagger from his throat.

"I'm Galvius. Captain of the local guard. Before you ask how a small zombie gathering got past us, the answer is simply we were on shift changeover, and most of us were caught in the baracks."

"No Elves amongst the guard?" Aela eyed the captain, who turned to her.

"Considering recent circumstances that is an oversight I'll be overseeing a solution for. I heard from Bryn and Rail that you're to thank by the way."

"Its was just business you know, my old chum?" The warlock smiled nervously at the towering captain. "I have no ill intent towards the town, you know?"

"Oh I know, but that doesn't mean I can't have a few thoughts on the matter." Glavius said, his empty hand forming a fist, he stepped forward, and slammed his heavy plated knuckle into the Dragonborn's snout. Nyx ducked out the way as the Warlock and chair skidded across the floor into the wall behind them. Glavius straightens up, rolling his shoulders and clearing his throat. "If you want to take any items as a small reward for defending the town, go ahead. We'll arrange some sort of compensation over the next couple days for each of you if you stick around."

"I have a question" Ben spoke softly. "If there is a local guard, why does there seem to be trouble at the local brewery?" Glavius' expression goes dark, and he takes a moment to close the door to the small room. When he turns around, he has an air of seriousness that defies the personable smile.

"We've been observing them from a distance. We know there's something going on, but we have no evidence of crime being commited." Glavius rubs his chin with his empty hand. "I've sent a Guard in every so often, but they always return with nothing out the ordinary. If you're planning on doing something there, then I'll get some guard ready for whoever comes out of it. With all thats happened in the town, I can't spare enough to go in with you, but definitely enough to stop anyone running once you've caused a nuisance. Any more questions? I'd already spoken to Aldriq, the Priest, to put you up for the rest of the night."


"You're most kind, Captain", Nyx smiled up at Galvius. "I think you've pretty much covered it all and I think we're all getting a little tired so we'd be happy to leave you to it and we'll venture up to the brewery in the morning. Any additional information you could give us about the place would be most appreciated when we're awake enough to take it all in".


"Agreed," said Ben. "Although thinking about it, if you could find any plans for the brewery, it'd be useful to know the layout of the place. But again, it can wait until morning."