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Online Dice Rollers

Started by Narric, November 21, 2018, 12:12:27 AM

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Putting this out there so we can all benefit from it.

What we're looking for in an Online Dice Roler is:
- Free/Open Source
- Versatile algorythm (for complex dice rolls)
- Verifiable to ensure no cheating/god-modding.

If you're unaware, an old site we used a lot for our on-forum RPGs was Invisible Castle. Sadly, the site no longer works. I have had some quick searches for substitutes, and we have a couple:

1. Tira Dadi Online
Seems to be a redimentary online dice roller. It sadly does not have the ability to do complex rolls such as 1D6+3, but we can roll multiple dice per line, either by inputting "XDY" (Where X is the number of dice and Y is the number of faces) or for multiple different rolls "XDY,ADB" (Where X and A is the number of dice and Y and B is the number of faces).

2. Hamete Virtual Dice Server
Similar to above, it can however process modifiers. However, does not have a public dice log. This is a registration benefit.

3. PBEGames Dice Roller
This one seems to be pretty good for what we need. verifiable dice log, versatile rolling algorythm. Thankfully it seems to not require any sort of log-in, so no new accounts needed there.

If you know off other online Dice Rollers, or have experience with the above, leave a reply here.