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Dark Heresy OOC/Discussion Thread

Started by Waaaghpower, March 20, 2017, 07:32:40 PM

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This group is currently FULL. Actually, it was always full - Some local roleplaying friends of mine are migrating to a forum since our schedules are getting hard to sync up, and we needed a good forum, and I like this one. If a slot opens up I'll let you know.

I'll fill in more details here in a moment. For now, character names! (I'll add wounds and other details later!)

Arlo Amos - Cade

Wounds - 0/12 [-1 Crit to Chest]
Fatigue - 0
Fate - 3/3
Experience - 1,333

Ws 30
Bs 60*****
St 25
T 37
Ag 40**
Int 34
Per 32
Wil 31
Fel 32

Carry Weight: 15.5 Kg

Equipment: 15.5 Kg
Clothing: 5 Kg
Flak Vest (5 Kg)
   Body - 3 - Max Ag. 60

Weapons:   Kg
Boltgun [Tripod, Modified Stock, Telescopic Sight]
   (100m) S/3/- 1d10+5 X, Pen 4, Rld Full (Tearing)
   Clip: [18]/24 (1 Clip Remains)

Laspistol* (N/A) [Good Quality]
   (30m) S/2/- 1d10+2 E, Pen 0, Rld Half [Reliable]
   Clip: [29]/30 (1 Charge Pack Remains) (Fired once)
   *Integrated into Arm

2 Doses of Slaught

Cybernetic Arm - Best Quality - Integrated Good-quality Laspistol
Cybernetic Leg - Good Quality

Lazarus Wolfe - Morgan

Wounds - 13/13
Fatigue - 0
Fate - 2/2
Experience - 430

Ws 48**
Bs 32
St 50**
T 51**
Ag 36
Int 42*
Per 27
Wil 37
Fel 26

Carry Weight: Frikhuge

Equipment:2.5 Kg
Clothing: .5kg
Prison Robes (.5 Kg)

Weapons: 2 Kg
Improvised Weapon (Broken pole) (2 Kg)

Scythia Harlocke - Alex

Wounds - 13/13
Fatigue - 0
Fate - 3/3
Experience - 2500

Ws 33
Bs 34
St 37
T 33
Ag 30
Int 33
Per 33
Wil 26
Fel 27

Carry Weight: ? Kg

Equipment: ? Kg
Clothing: ? Kg
Imperial Robes

Weapons: ? Kg
Hand Cannon

Gear: ? Kg
Servo Skull (Utility) [Built in Glo-light]
Sacred Unguents x2

Salk Icharus - Jake

Wounds - 1/13
Fatigue - 0
Fate - 3/3
Experience - 750

Ws 28
Bs 36
St 34
T 31
Ag 32
Int 38**
Per 30
Wil 30
Fel 54***

Carry Weight: 30 Kg

Equipment: 18.5 Kg
Clothing: 9 Kg
Imperial Robes (4 Kg)
   Arms, Body, Legs - 1
Flak Coat (5 Kg)
   Arms, Body - 3 - Max Ag. 60
Mesh Cloak (3 Kg)
   Arms, Body, Legs - 4 - Max Ag. 60

Weapons: 0 Kg
Concealed Shiv (.5 Kg)
1d5-1 R, Pen 0 [Compact]
Shotgun (5 Kg)
   (30m) S/-/- 1d10+4, Pen 0, Rld 2Full [Scatter]
   Clip: [8]/8 (1 Clip remains)
Stub Revolver (1.5 Kg)
(30m) S/-/- 1d10+3 I, Pen 0, Rld 2Full [Reliable]
   Clip: [6]/6 (1 Clips remain)

Tarkus Stone - Austin

Wounds - 13/13
Fatigue - 0
Fate - 4/4
Experience - 800

Ws 42*
Bs 33
St 35
T 44*
Ag 41*
Int 31
Per 34
Wil 47**
Fel* 24

Carry Weight: 36 Kg

Equipment: 6.5 Kg
Clothing: 2.5
Synskin (2 Kg)
   All - 2
   [+10 to Stealth, Invisible to Dark Sight/Night Vision]
Chameleoline Cloak (.5 Kg)
   [+20 to Stealth tests. If Stationary, -30 to Ballistic Skill against wearer.]

Weapons: 3 Kg
Sword (3 Kg) [Best Quality, Mono, Custom Grip]
   1d10+1 R, Pen 2 [Balanced, Proven (3)]

Gear: 1 Kg
3 Doses Stimm
12 Lho Sticks

Wilhelm "Dakka Bones" - Connor

Wounds - 10/12
Fatigue - 0
Fate - 2/3
Experience - 15

Ws 33*
Bs 45*
St 31
T 41*
Ag 52**
Int 31
Per 38
Wil 27
Fel 31*

Carry Weight: Kg

Equipment: 0
Armored Bodyglove (5 Kg)
Arms, Body, Legs - 2

Weapons: 0
   (30m) S/-/6 1d10+2 I, Pen 0, Rld Full
   Clip: [     ]/18 (1 Clip Remains)
Autogun, apparently
Long Las, fired once (Cade's sniper?)
1d10+2 R, Pen 2 [Balanced, Tearing]

2 Doses Slaught

Morgan's Bracelet

Baleful Eye (Poor)
   (20m) S/2/- 1d10+4 E, Pen 7, Rld N/A [Unreliable]
   Clip: N/A (Jam causes blindness)

Once you guys have an account, post in this thread so I know who you are.

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Everyone's favorite sociopath checking in (Austin).
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Welcome to the forums everyone. I hope you enjoy your stay  :)


I am 12 and what is this
Also part time muscle man part time RKO expert part time prisoner part time Kenneth Grimm
no wait hang on whats my characters name

Salk Icharius


And the first story post is up!
Everyone seems to have a slightly different format for their posts, which is not a big deal, but to make things more formal and consistent, I'm going to make up some rules.

Regular actions should be in text, like this. If you're walking or talking, just use regular text.
"Talking should be in quotes!" he said, "As though you were writing dialogue in a novel!
Italics are for when you are intentionally doing something that requires an action.
(Parenthesis are for small OOC comments if something is unclear or otherwise needs to be clarified. Larger OOC comments should be in this thread, or in the group chat.)
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Didn't see the template, sorry. Also START POSTING PEOPLE! This RP is already deader than magnus after santa capped him, which is to say not impossible to revive, but ya gotta put some EFFORT into it.


No problem, as I said before, everyone's posts have been pretty clear and straightforward.

Something worth noting, though: Tarkus has told the group the most clear exit route, but as of yet nobody has tried to remember/gotten an answer to where the impound locker is. Following his advice, you're just going to be leaving.
(And if nobody posts, I'm going to assume you're following his advice.)
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