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Dark Heresy Roleplay Thread

Started by Waaaghpower, March 20, 2017, 07:41:06 PM

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Space Sadist

Tarkus attempts to survey the situation and potential weaknesses of the guards, refreshed from a long open eyed nap.
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Lazarus QUITE SIMILARLY finishes his very very long daydream of his former life, and how close he finally is to reaching that, and tensely grips his bed pole.

He is NOT going back into his cell.

He approaches the room with the guards.


(Okay, here's how I'm treating this: You guys heard the noises of the guards down the hall, and are turning to go back and help your allies.)

Roll - Stuff happens


Roll - Tarkus looks for an opening
Perception Check. Per 34, needs 34 or lower.
RESULT: 48. 1 degrees of failure.

Tarkus hurried down the hall to see what all the commotion was, followed by Lazarus, both of them rounding the corner to see the three guards, all camped out in front of the door.

Before Tarkus could get a good look at them, one of the guards spotted the pair, shouting, "There's two more!", and turning to fire his shotgun at the two escaped prisoners.

Roll - Guard fires on Tarkus
Ballistic Skill Check. BS 30, +10 for regular shot, +10 for close range, needs 50 or lower.
RESULT: 100. Critical Failure
The guard wheeled his shotgun on Tarkus, pulling the trigger. Rather than a roar of gunfire and a cluster of deadly pellets flying down the hallway, though, a popping noise was heard and the shotgun clicked, its slide locked halfway between firing a round. The guard swore, fumbling the gun.

Roll - Initiative

Tarkus Stone - 13
Salk Icharus - 12
Scythia Harlocke - 11
Guard 1 (Leader) - 11
Wilhelm - 10
Lazarus Wolfe - 8
Guard 2 (Jammed) - 6
Guard 3 (Injured) - 7
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