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Behind Enemy Lines (RP thread)

Started by Mabbz, February 23, 2016, 02:35:44 PM

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"Get your asses on board, NOW!" Maria yelled over the comms, as she swung her thrusters into reverse.She was just disappearing round the corner of the building when part of the wall exploded out towards her. Luckily the railgun slug had been slowed by the building, and didn't do any damage to the fish. Still, it would probably be a good idea to get out of there pretty soon. They weren't exactly armed, after all.

As she thought that the unmistakable sound of Wexler's Heavy Bolter boomed from the cupola, and half the Fireblade's guards were torn apart. Ok, perhaps not totally unarmed. Maybe they could stick around to cover the others a little longer...

A pair of missiles detonated against the hull, thankfully doing no damage. Perhaps not. What should she do?

Hertius and McTavish sprinted back around the side of the garage. As they reached the large fuel tank, their comms crackled back into life.

"I've got a building between me and the railgun. I might be able to stay put a little longer to keep the Tau from securing the gate. How far away are you?"


McTavish: Fleeing for the gate
Wexler: Shooting from the cupola
Maria: piloting the Devilfish
Hertius: Fleeing for the gate
Connor: Dead
Logan: On board the 'fish
Rasheed: Dead
John: Dead
Sarah: Onboard the 'fish
David: finally killed something!

1 Cadre Fireblade: leading his men to the front
4 Gun Drones heading slowly over to reinforce.
Generator guards aware and shooting Wexler
Hammerhead: Firing.
Crisis suit: Shooting devilfish (weapon destroyed)
Fire warriors moving toward the battle.


"Note!" McTavish yelled into the comms. "Get out now! If you can knock a hole in the fence as you leave, the Tau will have to split up to cover it."

"Got it. Maria out"

Hertius and McTavish kept sprinting for the fence. As they ran, David's long-las made a shower of sparks to erupt from the nearest generator post, causing the laser to flicker for a moment. Hearing a roar of engines, Frank looked past the garage to see the devilfish crash straight though another fence post, creating a large hole in the perimeter while Wexler's wild heavy bolter firing downed another fire warrior.

The Tau responded only by pouring yet more fire into the devilfish. A railgun slug cracked through the air, narrowly missing while pulse fire left scorch marks across the hull. A pair of missiles struck true, sending the badly damaged craft rocking wildly, but it kept going, disappearing into the night.

As hoped, most of the Tau kept following, moving to plug the large gap in the fence. The Fireblade and his retinue broke off though, heading for the gate. It was only a short sprint to the fence, where Hertius' servo arm should make short work of the damaged shield generator, but the fireblade would undoubtedly see them and call for reinforcements.


McTavish: Running for the fence
Wexler: Escaped on Devilfish
Maria: Escaped on Devilfish
Hertius: Running for the fence
Connor: Dead
Logan: Escaped on Devilfish
Rasheed: Dead
John: Dead
Sarah: Escaped on Devilfish
David: trying to destroy a fence post

1 Cadre Fireblade and guard: moving to guard the gate
4 Gun Drones: defending power generator.
2 fire warriors moving to defend the hole
Hammerhead: trying to shoot fleeing Devilfish.
Crisis suit: trying to shoot fleeing Devilfish.
8 Fire warriors moving toward the battle.