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Unit 52 [RP Thread]

Started by Narric, February 15, 2014, 10:09:09 PM

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Ace, as usual, was assigned to fight up- close. But there wasn't much for him to do just yet, and he wasn't the surest shoot out there. He sat tight, looking around for anyone trying to surprise then as they  began their assault.
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Knight barrelled down the middle of the chapel, making a b-line for the Heretic Leader in front of him. Bringing his shotgun up to his side, he let lose. With some luck, he managed to strike the Leader a couple times, but He quickly shrugged off the shots, and brought his own up to level, pulling the trigger. Unfortunately, a few Heretics had stood by the leaders' side, and were joing the barrage. The force of the firepower shocked Knight, staggering him, though not fully stopping him.

Jax and Wolf were quickly in and behind cover, popping up and shooting the Heretics that hadn't huddled around their leader. In their panic, the heretics couldn't choose a target between them, so fired randomly. Jax was lucky, ducking behind cover without issue. Wolf wasn't so lucky, a few stray shots slamming into his combat uniform. He would be bruised tomorrow. Covering from different sides of the room, Jax following through with his luck, taking out three of the Heretics with ease, and moving onto his next target. Wolf hit and wounded severaly of the Heretics, making them cower behind the pews on their side of the room. As one got up and started running to one of the back rooms, Wolf took and struck a clean headshot.

Sergeant Ren had ran behind the pews on the left, but he didn't get into cover fast enough. Pulse Rifle charges slammed into his side, knocking him over and to the ground. going into a combat crawl to get closer behind the pew in front of him, Ren caught his breath. Jeff followed the motions he still fresh in mind training had hardwired into him. None of the enemy seemeed to realize he was there. Popping up from cover, he took am and let rip. He struck a pair that had beentoo focused on Knight. The closest took the brunt of the fire and collapsed in a heep, the second felt the burning metal slamm into their side, and fell to his knees. Ace followed closely behind, however the heretics manged to spot him. Several shots ripped through his armour, shocking him to his knee. Catching his breath, he place hs shotgun sideways on top of the pew and fired blind, going from memory what positions the heretics had taken. Luckily, his shooting found the target, hammering into a heretic just to Knights side. After catching his breath, Ren found the end of the pew and crawled around. Once a row in front, he knealt up from cover and fired into the heretics. In his pain, his shooting wasn't greatly effective, though certainly cuased the rabble to jump behind cover themselves.

Walking with purpose through the door, King raised up the FH-Rifle, flicking the activation switches in perfect sequence. in a long arc, King sweaped acros the room, stopping breifly to account for Knight charging like a mad man down the middle of the room. All the heretics dived for cover. Two were glanced by the burning beam of energy, and fell to the flour screaming in pain. As King finished his sweep, a third knealt up from his cover to try and pot-shot the Hellfire Officer, and instead took the high energy beam directly to the face. His agonised screams lasted breifly, but he kept his finger on the trigger long enough for shots to fired at King. the Pulse shots punched into King left arm, and winded him slightly, but he stood firm and prepared for his next action.


Knight [30/34]
King [27/30]
Jeff [24/24]
Jax [28/28]
Ren [15/26]
Wolf [25/26]
Ace [14/26]

Leader [25/30]
Heretics Remaining [5/11]


Taking cover

Saracen checked his wounds; they didn't seem too horrific, but bloody hell did they hurt. As he took a few moment to catch his breath, he felt the sudden urge to move. He instantly ducked to one side, just as a stray pulse round tore through the bench where his left arm had been a split second earlier. Ignoring his narrow escape, he psyched himself up for his next shots.

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Taking cover and with good sight lines, King prepared to open up on the leader and his gang.

"Don't kill the leader," he spoke into the comm bead. "He may have info. Will try to disarm and cripple him. The others are free game."

He brought the Hellfire rifle up and the air sizzled. . .
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Wild didn't even bother checking his armour, he'd seen enough people do it and get killed, plus it want the first time armour had stopped rounds that would of killed him otherwise. He would be careful about trying to keep in cover though, didn't need another shot hitting the already compromised armour. He carefully checked where the cultists were before trying to flank the ones closest to him.


The grunts and gasps from both his wounded teammates and hostiles were what surprised Jeff the most. They sounded so ... real. Visceral. The academy always did it's best to simulate reality in every exercise it put the recruits through, but the voices of 'hits' had always sounded a bit... pre-recorded, or like digitally altered intercepts of their actual voices. Which, to be fair, they were - perhaps that had always kept him subconsciously a step removed from truly accepting them.

The true purpose of those drills and scenarios had become very real though. The sudden violence was no surprise, indeed most of his actions were driven by muscle memory rather than conscious decision. Directing another shot toward his second perp, Jeff ducked back into cover before shifting position to the side a few metres to hopefully throw off any blind return fire.
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Sergeant Ren stayed behind cover a few moments to colect himself, flexing his muscles quickly to make sure he could leave cover and get back down before the enemy had time to pin him down. He shifted over again, to avoid more Pulse rounds punching into his back. Bringing himself to a kneeling stance behind cover, he picked his shots. He thought he hadn't hit anything, but a heretic dived down yelping in pain.

Knight Continued to tank his way to the atlar, barreling over a couple of heretics. He finished his Shotguns ammo clip into the Leader, but his shooting barely tocuhed the Leader. the Leader in response brought his own rifle up, trying again to rop the massive man. Knights thick skin saved him a great deal of pain, but the Leader brought out a shimering Energy Blade, swinging it in front of where Knights head could have been. Not enough time to swap weapons, Knight lifted his gun up efencively, glancing the Energy blade to the side, leaving red hot patches of metal on the gun casing. At his first chance, Knight slammed the butt of the shotgun into the LEaders arm, forcing him to drop his pulse rifle. Another perfectly timed strick landed in the leaders gut, winding him. The leader staggered back, but regained composure and continued his onslaught against Knight.

King readied himself behind cover, checking his FHR had not gone ideal, he leaned out to target the leader. To his disamay, it seemed Knight was grappling with the Heretic. King returned to cover and shifted so stray shots wouldn't glance him. Checking the FHR again, it had gone idle and was begining to build up excess energy. A quick knock of the release valve, and it was ready to fire again. Peeking aroung cover, King tried to fire at the Leader, but still there was no clean shot.

Wolf swiftly rolled out of cover to the right, firing off a few times before combat rolling into the row in front of his previous position. Kneeling upo again for another round of shooting, several shots clipped his shoulder armour, one narrowly striking his helmet, leaving a gapping hole from in front of his right eye to the side next to his ear, his skin seemed to sizzle as the energy passed close by. His HUD nonfunctional, he had to resort to non-augmented shooting, which felt oddly more natural to him. Taking a chance, he kneeled up again, and fired off a few more rounds. A heretic screamed as he feel.

Jeff continued to shadow the enemy, managing to get the the front-most pew and was shooting from the side of the room. Half of his shooting punching into heretic boies, whilst others managed to send wooden and plaster shraple into the room, disorientating the heretics, leading them to fall to his Units shooting.

Ace was also managing to avoid enemy fire, but couldn't make use of the shraple shower Jeff was creating. His shots missed their marks, but one unfortunate Heretic did fall. Jax took a few hits, but managed to get into cover before ending a few more heretics.


Knight [27/34]
King [28/30]
Jeff [24/24]
Jax [25/28]
Ren [18/26]
Wolf [14/26]
Ace [14/26]

Leader [10/30] - left arm is weakened, and gut is sore.
Heretics Remaining [0/11]