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Vector Sigma's Masterplan [OOC] Transformers RP

Started by Narric, July 23, 2015, 10:01:32 AM

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Jayne has posted now. So KoM, if you have any last words?


Quote from: Minako on February 22, 2007, 04:43:31 PM
I'll be under your bed!! So watch out! I poke!
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Sorry for the delay chaps. Districtions of a fresh year of college have not helped :P

We return to this RP with a nice Three Rounds Rapid!!! Be as detailed or simple as you'd like.

Hopefully I don't fuck up :P


Jayne, I'll be honest, Cataclysms rolls ramped up.

I rolled for three rounds of targets, and got 3, 8 and 12 in that order. It was like the dice wanted you to be a one man destruction :P

For KoM, pulling out your weapon and charging are free action for me, so I took liberty of your actions to pad it out, and not have Trenchgrinder standing like a statue :P

It was decent rolling all around if I'm honest. It felt fairly organic it where the hits and misses were. With the drones being T5, compared to every bodys states, the system seems balanced enough for now, at least in a target rich environment :P


Free action duly noted  ;D also I can check from my phone now wheeee ;D ;D

Quote from: Minako on February 22, 2007, 04:43:31 PM
I'll be under your bed!! So watch out! I poke!
#15 to the new world

The Man They Call Jayne

Yeah, using the PDLs rather than the cannons was probably a good idea too. I hadn't realised that there was going to be so much so close, and the cannons are definitely not rapid firing enough to work there.
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That worked rather well I thought. Apologies for the slow reply, my laptop has officially bitten the dust so I'm currently confined to checking in work when the opportunity arises.
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May the brave be remembered forever. Farewell our friends.

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Mkoll wins.

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Belated progression :P

The next part is ready to post up, but I decided not to post it so there can be a moment of chit chat.

I'll post the next point on Monday :3