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Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]

Started by Ravager, October 13, 2011, 02:47:03 AM

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Ravager Zero


The town of Perro's Folly is small, little more than a few houses, a ranch, a tavern, and a blacksmith. An empty building bears a sign hanging by a thread that states 'jeweller'. It is obvious that the town has seen better days. The buildings are mostly wood, with their lower walls made of stone or brick. The townsfolk look at you strangely as you pass by
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"What say you, gentlemen?" Zothern started, breaking the silence. He takes a drink, having a cursory glance at each of his compatriots. He mentally noted his first impressions of the men around him.

As the first man speaks, he draws out his dagger and examines its sharpness.


After a long pause, Galithir spoke.

"Well, since the rest of you don't seem willing to share your thoughts, I shall reccommend that we travel to the south-east. The mountains could provide a good vantage point, and perhaps we shall be able to see some indication of how far south the daemons have got. Also, our young geomancer should have more to work with there in the event of trouble. Naturally, we should ask around town for any clues first, but if we find nothing conclusive, I vote for the Crumbling Rocks." He glanced around and caught sight of the maid. She kept glancing over.

"I guess Oan will get to question that barmaid" he sighed.

The Man They Call Jayne

Ja'nus sat quietly, considering his options.

"Those mountains are trecherous, I can almost feel it from here, the ground speaks to me."

He paused and took a long draught from his tankard of ale.

"They are a risky proposition, but one that just may pay off. On the other hand, the odds of encountering any real civilisation there is slim, provisions will be scarce."

"I say we spread out around town, gather informationas well as any potential supplies we may have need of, then make a more fully informed choice."

He turns to the dark Mage.

"Galithir, you of us all have the most skill with words, and Landlords are often privvy to much gossip, might I suggest you try tour luck with the proprietor of this establishment?"
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Zothern chose to cut in.
"I believe the mountains are a bad idea to start from." He resheathed his blade. "As you said, chances of meeting civilisation will be slim, and food will be scarce. It also means that if we encountered odds that far outway us, we will have no chance to survive." He takes a moment to think.

"I say we head to Darrow. I have connections there, and being a larger city it will have a greater abundance of information then rocks and sand could reveal." He drinks, and leans over the map. "Should we encounter trouble in Forlorn Words, we would also have us a chance to cut our teeth, and figure out how best to act as a group in a fight"

The Man They Call Jayne

"Your points are valid friend"

Taps the Forlorn Woods with a finger.

"These forests could provide us with food and possibly a good source of clean water, maybe even medicinal herbs. Building up a small supply of meats and medicine would be benficial to us all."
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Scout Sergeant Mkoll

Oan sat and drank his pint thoughtfully, listening to the suggestions of the party and considering each one. The larger town was a sensible suggestion, it was likely they'd find more information there. The mountains didn't really appeal, the vantage point argument was negated by them being further south and the mountains were a treacherous place with rumours of strange, terrible beasts.

"Personally I'd quite like to go to the woods just north of here. I'll explain why shortly. In the meantime I'll see what the barmaid knows about the local area and recent activity. I need another drink anyway."
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May the brave be remembered forever. Farewell our friends.

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El ShasOcho

As Oan headed back to the bar to flirt with the maid, Marcus stroked his chin on thought. "The forlorn forest sounds like a good choice to me, and on to Darrow seems like a good extension of that plan. I say we head to the forest first after gathering a little knowledge about it from the locals. I feel we should play it by ear, and be ready to change the plan. We don't know exactly what lies in the forest."
Marcus takes a long swig from his tankard, and sweeps the room with his eyes. He spots an older man, perhaps mid 50s, with a greying beard and a thick dark staff, made of wood uncommon to the nearby trees. Perhaps this man has knowledge of the forest?

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The Man They Call Jayne

"This one is mine, I sense strong Magicks about him."

Ja'nus walks over the older man and sits opposite him, his staff resting against his shoulder.

"Venerable mage, we seek knowledge of the Forlorn Woods, could you tell us anything of them? Is there food? Water? Do people live there with whom we might trade on our journeys?"

(Do I provide his side of the story or will the GM have to do that so we get the right information?)
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Zothern looked to the Runesmith, who hadn't spoken a word yet.
"And what does our Runesmith say on this subject?" he questioned. "You've yet to enlighten us with you point of view" he drinks down half of what was left in his tankard.


Tyblat takes a sip of his wine, wondering when you actually started drinking the stuff. Then deciding it must be the fault of the Nobles he spent time with.

After a moment to contemplate the question he replies, 'Having spent most of my time in large cities since I was young, I'll defer to knowledge of our more worldly friends. I will say that the points put towards travelling to Darrow through the forest seem sound and I would support this action.'


Not thinking much of the people in that tavern, Galithir strolled back out into the sun. As he wandered around looking for anyone likely to have more knowledge on the subject, he went over the debate in his mind. There was something odd.

"Those mountains are trecherous, I can almost feel it from here, the ground speaks to me" Ja'nus had said. The ground spoke to him. Perhaps I'm looking into this too much, Galithir mused. After all, the man was a geomancer. Perhaps the ground really did speak to him.

And yet, as he entered a nearby inn and struck up a conversation with the innkeeper, He couldn't help but worry. Because the real reason he had suggested the Crumbling Rocks was not for the view. In fact it was little more than a hunch.

It was just that the very earth itself seemed to call him there.

Out of character
With regard to the info we collect, perhaps the GM should PM us with whatever intel we discover. Then we can all discuss it back in the tavern later.

Ravager Zero

Info Gathering for Ja'nus

The old man turns to Ja'nus upon hearing the question, and thoughtfully rubs his chin, recalling everything he knows of the woods.

"Hmm, yes, the Forlorn Woods," he intones quietly. "Not a place many like to go these days. Unfortunate that. A very peaceful place
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...and whipped cream, a bottle of baileys, seven pairs of non-matching shoes, a combine harvester, a box of matches, and three indie rock bands drunk off their skull is technically acceptable on private property.

The Man They Call Jayne

Ja'nus returned to the table, seeing Oan chatting to the barmaid, and could faintly hear Galithir and the Innkeeper getting quite animated. He wondered whether he should intervene before it got out of hand an caused too much trouble for them.

He pondered the elder mages warning, "The forest dislikes fire. Be careful, my friend.". He had complete control over his Pyro abilities and could control any flame or heat source with great precision if he had to. Could the forest somehow sense his kinship with the flame? Did it think of him as a threat to itself?

He quickly dismissed those thoughts. The forest could think? Preposterous. . .

He heard the innkeeper voice raised to his fellow mage. He stood,hefted his staff and walked over, thoughts of the sunny ruins pushed aside for the time being. . .

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Galithir left the inn angrily. It was always like this when people found out he was a necromancer. Instant distrust. Ah well, at least he had a way around it...

Ja'nus caught up with him as he reached the edge of town. While they wandered out to a nearby bit of woodland Ja'nus relayed what he had found out.

"Sounds like you've had some luck, at least. It seems the people of this town don't like necromancers. Well, fortunately I don't have to put up with it" said Galithir as they reached a concealed bit of woodland.

The air seemed to shimmer around him. His robe lost the embroidery, became much more worn and changed to a lighter grey. His staff was blurred for a moment and when it came back into focus it was a shorter, battered oak stave. Galithir reached up and lowered his hood revealing the head of an old man.

"Let see if they can tell" said the old man, in a gravelly voice completely unlike Galithir's measured tones. "You go back into town. I'll circle around so they don't think I'm with you. If anyone asks, I've gone fishing."

With that he hobbled off, leaning heavily on his walking stick.