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The Heresy (Backup) - Roleplay Thread

Started by Wargamer, May 10, 2012, 01:32:55 PM

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I got tired of waiting, so I'm bringing it back! :P

Unfortunately, my notes are incomplete. I'll post a list of what I have in the Mechanics thread thread; the rest, I'm afraid, is lost to the Warp unless the original threads return.
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(Off-topic: I'm just getting some talking started, I hope that's fine)

It had seemed like the travelling through the Warp had taken years.

Horus turned to Alpharius. "Finally," he said, "back in the material realm. Time to take the fight to the enemy, huh?" He raised his hand in a warrior's grasp. "I also thank you for your offer of letting my men and I fight in an attempt for glory. The Luna Wolves are still seen as damaged since the attack on Cthonia. We both know that it was a glorious defence that saved my homeworld, however."

"Now, you wanted to discuss Brothers Magnus and Russ, did you not?" Horus asked.

+++Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red and Leman Russ+++

To Brother Magnus, to Brother Russ,

I hope my men have reached you and will prove useful. Captain Abaddon is eager and experienced, and will surely be an asset to your mighty Crusade. I hope our men can fight alongside each other and become as brotherly as we are.

+++Horus Lupercal to Angron +++

To Brother Angron,

I look forward to seeing you once more. May we wage glorious war together.


Angron's ships arrived in system not long after Horus and Alpharius' ships. Just as his ship was about to translate back to the material realm, one of his Astropaths recieved Horus' message.

Quickly reading the message, he turned to the leader of First legion, 'Bring our ships into formation and then move to where you're instructed. I'll be going over to talk with my Brothers about the campgain.' With that, he quickly left the bridge for the hangerbay and a waiting transport.

Scout Sergeant Mkoll

+++Message from Leman Russ to Horus Lupercal+++

Brother Horus,
Your warriors have arrived and seem eager for battle. We have drawn up our initial plans for the campaign, iterators have been dispatched and we are awaiting the reply of numerous worlds. With luck there will be little for us to do, but should a threat arise I have no doubt that our warriors will stand side by side as we would and show the enemy what happens when you choose to fight against the Emperor and his sons.
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Mkoll wins.

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Horus entered Angron's ship, bringing with him Captain Aximand, a son of Horus, (and if he is willing, Alpharius as well).

"Brother Angron! By Terra, it is good to see you." He hits his fist against his chest, a warrior's salute, before offering a handshake by the wrist. "Finally, we shall make good war, and make the Imperium stronger as well. I have always felt that the Warhounds and the Luna Wolves are brothers of a kind, we are small in number but strong in arms."

"Not only that, but I hear Brother Peturabo will be joining us as well, bringing with him two of his fine Chapters from the Iron Warriors. And we have Alpharius and his Alpha Legion, and of course myself and my Wolves. I don't think there is a force in the galaxy which will be able to withstand the hammer that will fall from us."

"Of course, having so many of our brothers together in one place will prove a mighty treasure indeed. May we forge many friendships." Horus leaned in, and motioned for Alpharius to listen. "Shall we talk in more private areas? I'm sure we've plenty to discuss."

+++Message from Horus Lupercal to Leman Russ, Magnus the Red and Curze+++

Good hunting, brothers.


'Indeed Brothers, it is good to see you again. Let as retire to a briefing room and discuss this campgain.' Angron then turned and let his Brothers to a briefing room.

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Hearing that his brothers were on Angron's ship, Perturabo docked and walked to the briefing room with his captains. "Greetings, Brothers. What is the plan? My forces will be ready to crack any wall, dig out any rat, crush any resistance."

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"It seems to me the plan is simple. Alpharius goes in, weakens the enemy.We then go in and mop up anyone who dares to resist. Perturabo, no fortress, even a Forge world's one, can resist your seigecraft, so you'll take the lead on that. Alpharius is our man on the inside, he weakens the enemy, opens any doors, tells us where we strike. Me and Angron, we mop up any stragglers. Nice, clean, simple, and we all do what we do best. All agreed?" Horus smiled. He was a strong believer in making sure the right man was used for the right job.

"In other news, Magnus, Russ and Curze are launching their own Crusade, so at least they're getting glory. And yet the hero of the hour, Guilliman, is trapped inside Terra with mountains of paper work. What do you think he did to annoy Father so? Or does he just like the smell of ink rather than blood?" Horus laughed at the notion.

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Magnus stood before his men, alongside Russ.

"Gathered before me are the finest warriors under the Emperor! If you find resistance, crush it! Our Father need resources, we need food, we need iron and steel if the Imperium is to expand to its rightful place in this galaxy. Every last one of you will do us and the Father proud. Lets us march onward and to glory brothers! Let the others fight their battles, and while they are busy WE shall advance the war!"

He turned to Russ and placed a rocky hand on his shoulder.

"Let the others seek fame, we will get the job done not for recognition, but for the Imperium. I trust your men are prepared?"
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"My sons" Russ called to his assembled warriors "Yet again we have been overlooked, yet again our efforts go unnoticed, but worry not. We have the respect of our brother Legion and together we will build this Imperium of Mankind, whether the High Lords acknowledge it or not!"
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Mkoll wins.

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Horus laughed when he first heard it. He laughed until there were tears in his eyes. He laughed at the unfairness of it all. "Leman goes forth once more, fighting hard and winning many worlds, and is once more ignored? But Roboute, who sits in a chair with a pen and data-slate, he is called a hero! It is so unfair that it is absurd!" He looked around to Peturabo, Angron and Alpharius.

"Once more Russ is slated for someone who looks better in the pics for the people. I think it is time that my Wolves and his fight together. Angron, you are of the Warhounds? Surely you will join us? And Peturabo? Where is your acclaim? Where is your recognition?" Horus stands up, and puts a hand on the shoulders of both Angron and Peturabo. "Who broke the enemy stronghold in less than an hour for all of us? Why, only the greatest warsmith in the Imperium! And Angron, my brother, who fought side by side with my men. You deserve as much as any of us. Alpharius," Horus walked to him, and patted him on the back, "you brought entire worlds to us with words and not bullets. Without you, the war would be long indeed."

He stepped away. "Brothers, I propose a toast, and a Crusade! Let the Luna Wolves, the Space Wolves, the Warhounds, the Iron Warriors and the Alpha Legion, let us fight together and forge a name for our Legions in the stars!" He raises his glass and drinks from it.

EDITED: Removed the proposal until Turn 3 starts proper.



It came as something of a surprise to Robute Guilliman that the Emperor had two sets of bodyguards. First were the Custodes; the second were something else entirely.

The Primarch was watching one now. He hid his observations, pretending to be busy studying the glowing reports of the myriad Crusade forces. The black-armoured Space Marine stepped over to an Adept in charge of Gene-allocation, and handed him a data slate. The Adept seemed concerned, but dutifully entered the information. Guilliman quietly checked over the new inputs himself. It was an order to allocate aspirants from the Emperor's Children to other Legionary barracks. A brief check through the logs revealed three more such orders. Guilliman cross-referenced this with the deployment details and casualty rates, and the result sent a chill down his spine. For almost a year, the Emperor's Children had been on constant front line combat. For almost a year, the Emperor's Children had been prevented from recruiting new forces.

Guilliman turned his mind to the Legion. For reasons unknown, many Legions had been afflicted with some kind of genetic abnormality... but then wasn't the same true of the Primarchs? The Emperor had embraced these elements, hadn't he? Yet the Emperor's Children, mutated into wyrd avian things, were being denied forces at the source and quietly annihilated in battle...

...elsewhere, in army groups and mustering stations across the newly forming Imperium, similar tales were being recounted. The Emperor's Children, now never seen with flesh exposed - it was believed their 'change' was far more pronounced in the younger Marines - told anyone who would listen of their plight.
"We're not even the Emperor's Children anymore," Eidolon, First Chapter Master recounted bitterly, "we've been renamed 'The Eagle Legion'. What did we do to anger the Emperor so that he would strip us of our title?"

The Emperor returned to Terra following his ministrations to the Khan's Legion. He gave a cursory examination to all reports that were offered, but it was clear to those who knew him that his mind was elsewhere. He seemed unusually distant, distracted even.

He found Guilliman and handed him a dataslate. On its screen was a report, seemingly unimportant, from a high-tier Administratum clerk praising the efforts of the Ultramarines Legion in 'bringing and maintaining order' to a world convinced to surrender by the Alpha Legion. The Emperor gave the slightest of nods, and allowed Guilliman to resume his work; there were messages to send.

Word spread that the Alpha Legion was to return to Terra. No-one was sure why, and a thousand uncertain theories bounced around the army groups: Alpharius was being honoured; Alpharius was being punished; Alpharius was to be made Warmaster... these and a thousand other explanations were all well and good, but only the Emperor knew for sure.
"They were requested to return to Terra," one astute commander pointed out. "There's no order here; the Emperor has asked them to come home. If they don't, someone else will be recalled instead."
"but why ask then? Why not order?" another replied.

Only the Emperor knew for sure, and he was unlikely to tell those who did not need to know...
I wrote a novel - Dreamscape: The Wanderer.. Available in paperback and pdf.

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People who have no sense of Sportsmanship have NO PLACE designing any Gaming system


Guilliman smiled at the holithic display which depicted a glittering world of metal spinning in the air before him. He held out his gauntlet gently and cupped the world in his hand, his armoured fingers causing the hologram to flicker slightly. His Techo-Worlds, rich with knowledge and the sparkling prizes he had given to the mechanicus for research. It had gone to plan mostly and Guilliman's confidence was bolstered.
Rouboute paced the Emperor's study, glancing at a data slate and sending messages of congratulations and thanks to his brothers who had fought with his Legion to secure the Techo-Worlds. While he was pleased to be proving himself to his Father, at the back of his skull there was an itch, an itch that could only be scratched by the battle and the glory he was created for. Of course he was brilliant and masterful in his organisation and the tactics he relayed to the crusade were genius with feints, mixes of fighting styles and methods and schemes that were beyond what most mortal men could orchestrate.

At least he had plenty of time to think here. He was full of plans and ideas, but he didnt have the men to conduct them all. There was his problem. And the solution he had devised was simple - there were actually lots of men, only not enough space marines. Space marines did not have to hold the entire imperium together like a small amount of groxbutter spread over toast. They were overkill in most situations anyway, and became restless holding positions for long durations or fortifying worlds.

Rouboute strode to the window and glanced out over the shipyards at the workers, like he had done with the Emperor what seemed like decades before, when in reality it had only been months. The people of the Empire could be made into soldiers too, with the correct training which he would devise, to bring out their full potential in all aspects, and the correct motivation - fighting alongside the Astartes in glorious battle! They would flock to join his Armies in the millions!

Of course there was already the newly formed Imperial Guard, slow, disorganised, and ill supplied - a new venture where PDF armies had become mobile in space. They were lacking is so many respects. Guilliman's army would surpass them in every way, he would recruit from Maccragge and surrounding systems, train them under his marine's watchful gaze, and equip them to fight and work with his legion as the Anvil with his marines as the Hammer.
The 9th and 10th Companies were already starting training and recruitment, and he had diverted away a portion of supplies and weapons to equip them.

The 1st and 2nd were returning to Terra, where the 3rd to the 5th companies remain to conquer the surrounding systems around the new Techno-Worlds. He had ordered the 7th and 8th to stay with Horus and his legion and accept his command. Rouboute knew Horus was a stable commander who valued similar ideals as his Legion, his troops would fit in well working for Horus.
The 6th company, namely the silver tongued Captain Selus, was to talk with the Masters of the Navy Fleet, to ply them for navy warships to join the ultramrine's forces. The fleetmasters were mostly retired ship captains, decorated with honour and drinking too much amsec - Guilliman was sure Selus could pull their strings and form an alliance for the next stage of the crusade.

Rouboute slouched into the Emperor's chair, his hand gripping the pommel of his sword. So many plans ... and so far from the battles...

It was then that the Emperor returned.

Guilliman stood and smiled at his Father, who was golden and splendid in his armour, yet somehow deminished - like he carried a heavy weight in his mind.
"Father!" he beamed, but the Emperor gave a nod, handed him a data slate as he placed a hand on Rouboute's shoulder, and left for his Sanctum.
Rouboute stared down at the slate. Things were becoming curious latey...
He sat back down on the Emperor's chair; Emperor's Children, Alpha legion. He had a few mysteries to unravel before he left.

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Horus was... surprised. Very surprised, to find the Ultramarines Captain asking for an audience, and then asking to be placed under Horus' command. It seemed that Roboute was also returning to the field to be a soldier once more. Horus smiled. Was he so easily mollified, so easily pleased for his brothers? Perhaps he simply wanted to believe in the best for them.

When Alpharius heard the call from Father, Horus had gone to him. Wished him luck. Hugged him. Alpharius had done much, and was sure to be rewarded.

Horus looked over his communique. It seemed Russ would join him, and the Wolves would hunt together.

Horus heard of the newly named "Eagle Legion". He flinched at the insult of the change of name- he had all but rejected them! And he wept for he too knew the pain of mutation. Would Father reject him someday? He wouldn't allow it to stand. He would ask for them to join him, to reclaim some honour. The shame of mutation did not make a man nothing, he still meant something!

Horus went to Angron and Perturabo. "Angron, Perturabo, my brothers. I propose a new Crusade. The Imperium is young, and much of humanity is still under the oppression of the alien or the liar. We shall illuminate them. And if the alien has any under their thumb, we shall break their hand. Who is with me?" He held out his hands...

+++Horus Lupercal to Leman Russ+++

I am glad to have you with me, brother.

+++Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red+++


The Emperor's Children have been struck by mutation, and renamed the Eagle Legion. You too, know the pain of mutation, of the mind rather than the body. If we allow them to fade, they shall fall into obscurity and hidden away as shameful. I would argue it is our duty to safeguard the Legion until our brother is found to take over for them. I shall ask for a full half to join me, and fight under me until the brother has come. I would ask for you to take care of the other half.


+++Horus Lupercal to the Eagle Legion Acting Commander+++

To the Eagle Legion, this is Horus Lupercal of the Luna Wolves of Cthonia.

I feel your pain and I share your burden. I am sorry we have yet to find your father. But I am about to go onto a Crusade, and having your might will allow you to win some reknown. Who knows? Perhaps we shall find your father as well.

I will not allow you to be killed for nothing! You will win great honour, and once more, maybe win back your title as the Emperor's Children.

Consider my offer. Bring as many of you will come. I would rather care for you then see you thrown to the wolves, forgive the pun.

Railgun Convention

Khan sat in a control room, on a battleship lurking near the edge of his home system. The ship was sweeping for pirate activity, whilst simultaneously monitoring every communique in and out of the system. The Khan was using the downtime to keep an eye on his forces, currently sweeping the surrounding systems for more worlds to bring in to the local fold, and also on the most recent communiques from High Command. There was something unsettling about the current faring of the Emperor's Children, and the unexpected renaming worried him significantly.

+++Jaghati Khan to Rouboute Guilliman+++

My informants are picking up on disturbing rumours regarding the fate of one of the other legions. As you are based around Terra for now, I hoped you would drop me a line regarding this particular turn of events. I also hear the Alpha legion is returning to Terra, though the reasoning is unclear; I am unable to be present at this time to witness the occurrences. I hope you will fill me in when the time comes.

Your brother, Jaghati
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