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Narric's Miniature Modelling & Painting log

Started by Narric, May 17, 2013, 04:17:45 PM

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Hospital is Fun

I like the Butcher. The model gives off a strong aura and you can tell he has power. I'm not so keen on the Strategist, mainly because of the size ratio between his head and right shoulder pad, it just doesn't look right. Having a magnetic model is pretty cool though.


TBH I was never really sold on the Shoulder pad. I mostly did the GS work to try and hide the Plasticard used to fix the shoulder pad in place.


I have a fourth model I wanted to show, but you gotta know where to look for him ;)

The Nobel
Named such becuase I felt "The Sword Master" would have been too obvious.
Including a simple conversion option which it a magnetized head, becuase why the fef not? The current head choice is a similar design to The Strategist, but that is mostly due to too few Head options in my Bitz Box.
The model base is the Captain model from Dark Vengeance for Warhammer 40k. I've taken a great deal of time to remove as much Dark Angel iconography as possible, as scavanged armour can only account for some much heraldy and only works if the heraldry is mish-mashed.
Not much more I can say. He is a very simple project, and is my backup for the Warlords contest. Gonna be getting him basecoated hopefully this weekend :)


Could really do with some critique of this model I'm designing.

Centaur Walker

To give a reminder, it loosely based on this mashup image I made a while ago:

Along with some pieces I've made physically with plasticard:


It looks pretty good so far, although there doesn't appear to be an obvious door. How do you get in?

Also, if it's on treads then I don't think you can call it a walker.


Those are awkwardly two things I'm wanting to change. For access, I was thinking of a top-hatch, that risen area between the HBs. To make it a walker, I was planning on designing some Bi-ped legs. I am toying with the idea of doing a quad of legs, hence the name "Centaur."


Been working on a rhino variant that I started by chance whenjust trying to make a random Sci-fi vehicle :P


Currents parts list:
- 2x interior side panels
- 2x exterior side panels
- Floor panel
- Roof panel
- Rear door

Parts I need to create:
- tracks
- Roof door/access hatch
- Copula
- Copula Weapons
- weapons in general
- possibly Predator or Vinidcator parts?

Need to pull the side doors back a little, as they seem too far forward.


Back into the Fireframes I go!!!


I've gonna try and design a set of Armour. This is my first draft of the Torso piece.

I'm currently just calling it "Legion" armour, becuase I'm ncreative with naming :P


Need an opinion on this Plasticard Vibrowing:

Will be bulking it out with GS later, but mostly wanting to know whether or not it looks like the "Vibrowings/Jump Packs" of the Eldar Swooping Hawks.


It does! Great job :D Look forward to the finished thing! Have you tried other putties than GS? Im finding beesputty very good so far. And pro-create (dont forget the hyphen!) always gave nice smooth results.
Good luck with the rest


Managed to make the opposite side. Still haven't done GS :P

Whilst the glue finished curing/settling, i started sketching and cutting the "Backbone" of the Exarch/Autarch wings.

Quote from: Thantos on April 23, 2014, 09:18:04 PM
Have you tried other putties than GS? Im finding beesputty very good so far. And pro-create (dont forget the hyphen!) always gave nice smooth results.
I have tried Milliput, which acted like clay, and hardened crazy stiff. It was just too crumbly for me and the water to prevent it from sticking to my fingers made it slippery as soap.
I did find however mixing roughly 50/50 with GS, that you have a modeling putty that is extremely maliable, but cures decently hard. Haven't found a use myself yet, as I don't normally do much putty only scratch builds...

Another mix I found was adding a little bit of modeling clay (the stuff you give to kids that is always soft) at roughly 70% GS to 30% clay, you have crazy flexible putty, that sets to a flexible finish, which I find is great for capes, robes and when I get some more I'll set how it fairs forhair and Chainmail.

Something we sell at work called Fimo, which seems to be for making Beads for Beadcraft. Mostly the Metalic ones interest me, but I might just go with a plain colour to mix with the GS same as the Modelling Clay.

[update @ 23:25]
Slow progress....

Yeah, I cut each Vibroblade out individually, then attach it to the backbone individually :P And this is Exarch wing #1 XD


Realised I need detail on the backs of the wings :P

Pictures of the wings attached to an Exo Lord model:

Now my concern leans towards how can I effectively and reliably duplicate these?
I'm not looking forward to all this cutting and slicing, and glueing. Maybe now would be a good time to buy some Blu-stuff?


Good news, everyone.

After visiting a local arts and crafts store, I found a small and relatively cheap pack of silicone putty, which would be perfect for making the molds to duplicate the Hawk Wings I am making.

The bad news however, is that I cannot purchase the putty until next friday. Curse you Wurnstrum.

In related better news, I have started adding Green to the pieces to finish off the details. No pictures to show just yet however.


Good news, everyone.

I managed to purchase the two-part moulding putty and have been experimenting with it.

I believe I have got the casting down, and here is my first succesful casting of the Swooping Hawk Wings, alongside the Originals and the blu-stuff casts.

Shall be leaving them until tomorrow before cutting the flash off.

I've also been trying on smaller pieces as well, with mixed success.

Lastly I've been trying to mix the Blu-stuff with the Green Stuff (wow, such science, many specific) which leads to a putty that takes even longer to set, and I fear does not hold its shape very well once cured.


I now have a fair number of various duplicates of various pieces.
I have made:
- Eldar Wings
- Gue'vesa Torsos
- IG Chainswords with left hand
- Artillary Shells
- & some Gue'vesa Shoulder pad blanks.

I'm diggin up this Plog, as I'm currently waiting on an order of Models from SG, which shall be the final few models I need for a legal (if potentially under whelming) Junker force at 500pts.

The list is as follows:
Preator = 35pts

2x Lictors = 2x 20pts

Exo-suits (4) = 145pts

Convict Legionaires (10) = 152pts
Flame Thower

Convict Legionaires (9) = 128pts

Total = 500pts

This is what each model is and can do:
Preator = IG Commander
- equipped with a standard Pistol and CCW
- Have the equivalent to the Split Fire special rule
- have a +2 bonus to Morale Rolls they take
- confers a morale check re-roll to friendly units within 6" and LOS

Lictor = IG Commissar (but answer to the Preator)
- equipped with pistol
- Can force a "Convict" squad within 6" to rally by activating Nueral Spikes. Sacrifices shooting attack to do this. May alternatively detonate Suicide Bombers or Suicide Bikers.
- Can be bought for specific Convict squads.

Exo-suits = Space Marines
- equipped with a Powerfist-like piece of wargear and a multibarreled Grenade Launcher ranged weapon
- Have an Armour save (highly uncommon across most Void 1.1 races) which is a 7+ on a D10. Roughly equivalent to a 4+ armour save.
- Decurions (Sergeants) have Split Fire and +1 bonus to Morale checks.
- Standard Exo-suits may be replaced with Flamer suits. The model basicaly has two flamers that may be fired independantly or combined. Light Flamer Throwers (equivalent to Hand Flamers in 40k) can be used in combat and are treated as Str4 CCws with a +1 to hit.

Convict Legionaires = Penal Legion
- equipped with Shotguns, Combat Knives, and a Battleshield
- Shotguns cause more damage at close range and are Str5 CCWs
- Battleshields reduce the enemy "to wound" roll be -1 so long as the shot originated from the Convicts front facing.
- enemy models that try to hit them in close combat suffer a -1 to hit penalty for each model they're in base contact with (up to a max of -3). The special rule as a whole is difficult to shorthand....
- Decurions have Split Fire and +1 to Morale Checks.

I'm mainly looking forward to converting the Exo-suits and Preator.

I need to re-take the pictures of my Junkers, so I'll be doing that tomorrow and posting them up :)