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Started by Arguleon-veq, December 01, 2012, 04:17:48 AM

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So how are you finding them so far?, theyve been around for over a month now so it has given us enough time to see how good they really are.

I personally think that they give Chaos Warriors a nice little boost which they sorely needed and whilst they are a good unit, are by no means totally broken. I think Demigryphs and Mournfang still put them in the shade in terms of monstrous cav. If they could actually get the 0+ save they should have or had 3 wounds then they would be up there with those other 2 units but as it stands I think they are well balanced.

I did see them eat through a gutstar but that was with 2 jugger mounted characters backing them up. Ive also seen them shot up pretty badly. That 2 wounds makes it nice and easy for a cannon to pop a couple.
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