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1000pt Dark Elf army after long break from fantasy

Started by Stewie Griffin, July 16, 2012, 09:40:26 PM

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Stewie Griffin

Hi all,

as title really, this is my first 1000pt Dark Elf list after a long break from fantasy, so I'm not expecting miracles yet, but I may as well see how bad it is


Master - Heavy Armour, Crimson Death - 109

Sorceress - Tome of Furion - 115


Warriors x 30 - Command, Shields - 225

Crossbowmen x 10 - Shields, musician - 115

Crossbowmen x 10 - Shields, Musician - 115

Black Guard x 20 - Command, Banner of Murder - 320

Total = 999
EDIT: I've made some changes this is the new list - what do you think?