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Various miniatures for sale

Started by Sorck, April 06, 2016, 05:18:51 PM

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I'm doing a bit of a clearout and have quite a few miniatures that I could do with moving on (to make room for different miniatures).

I'm not including a comprehensive list with images & equipment of what there is because it'd take quite a while to count every last model so I am including an approximate list - if there's anything that sounds interesting just shout out and I'll get more information/photos of the item(s) in question.


  • Most of two sets of Space Hulk Stealers (removed from sprue, not glued)
  • 20 classic plastic grots
  • 2 plastic killa kans (one assembled except for ranged weapon, other on sprue. Grot launcher not included)
  • 5 assembled stormboyz
  • 6+ Eldar Rangers (5 metal, painted; 1 finecast, unpainted)
  • 5 painted dire avengers
  • 6 fire dragons (glued except for Exarch)
  • Finecast Avatar (glued, no sword end or finger on other hand, got a little paint on it)
  • 6 swooping hawks (finecast, most broken off of base)
  • 2 Eldar bikes, no pilot
  • 3 falcon grav tanks with bright lance and pulse laser and underslung shuriken cannon, painted. Canopes glued. The pointy bits on the back of the turret are both missing on one model and one is missing on a 2nd model.
  • Eldar heavy support weapon platform
  • 2 Eldar guardian weapon platforms
  • Ork Trukk
  • War Walker, quite fragile assembly
  • Numerous bolter marines (name the number you're interested in and I'll try and find that many)

  • 20 night gobbos w/ bows
  • 35 or so night gobbows w/spears
  • ~8 goblin spiders
  • 10 dire wolves, one or two without base
  • Painted Goblin troll (starter set one)
  • Spear chukka
  • Night goblin slingshot type thrower (throws goblins with wings)
  • 15 Chaos Knights
  • 23 Warriors of Chaos
  • 10 Marauder Horsemen
  • 1 Nurgle Sorcerer
  • 10 plagubearers (metal)
  • 20 bloodletters (half on round bases)
  • Khorne Lord on Jugger (metal)
  • Orc Boar chariot (one orc with spear onboard)

  • Assorted metal models (quite a supply - no idea what they are)
  • Assorted plastic models (as above)
All items shipping from the UK by Royal Mail or Parcelforce. Any requests for photos before the 15th will be sorted quickly - after that they may take a while as I'm away for a couple of months. Dispatch will still be possible on items that have already had photos requested (I'll make sure they're bagged up and I'll get family to send them).

Payment would be via Paypal, cheque (dispatch after clearance in case of cheque) or UK postal order.

No reasonable offers refused.