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Second Sphere Newsletter #4

Started by Narric, February 20, 2014, 06:59:03 PM

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Second Sphere Newsletter #4

Official Contests
To kick off 2014, we have two most excellent contests waiting for YOUR entries:
- Lead your allies to victory, and send fear and awe into the hearts and minds of your adversaries! Find out how to can enter, click here...

Special & Named Characters
- You are a hero/Villain of wide reknown. Your actions inspire your fellows and terrify your enemies! Find out how to can enter, click here...

Monthly Contest Voting & Discussion
- Look to your collections, becuase we're wanting to find out what Contest you want to run this March. For more information on how to get your voice heard, check here for more info....

The Hobby Section
Here we shall feature the work of our members. Do you think you belong here? Post your stuff on the forums, and we shall see ;)

Bonus Karma Fortnight
- OH boy, oh boy! Its back!
Thats right, grab those Hobby Knifes and Paint Brushes, becuase now is the best time to get working, and be rewarded for it.
For the rules behind this opportunity, make sure you click the link above, and read up ;)

Von'Ta Cadre: Project Log by Coffee Grunt
- Some exceptionally painted Tau, along with some interesting and unique conversions. IT would certainly be a sight to behold on the battlefield.

Hive fleet Cerberus by Brassclaw
- Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. If you liked his horde of Khorne, you'd best jump in now to get a look at what Brassclaw is working on for the Tyranids. Icy Blue Chitin will chill you, before the Nids devour you ;)

Battle Reports

Hunter Cadre Kunas'Ka -- Tau vs Necrons
- Scoutfox brings us a great conflict between his Tau Kill Team, and a Necron force that have had to take defencive action.

Fhanados hits the Tournament scene
- Testing his metal, Fhanados entered a local Tourny, bringing his Chaos Army out and into the world to reek some havoc.

"Really Desperate Allies" by BigToof
- Or "Lady Jenna and Lady D'ysperax vs Double Riptide Tau" if you want to be boring and give stuff away.
The Ork Master of Battle Reports gives us a fantastic game born of a fairamount of inconvienience, but is still a great read.

The House Rule Section
We have many members who can create characters and rules that can easily rival GWs' own material, and possibly any game system you can name. Have a look at some of the stuff that this forum has produced:

Formatting Tables for House Rule Units by Wargamer and Narric
- If you're not sure how to show off that awesome unit you created, here is the est way to format it for the forum. Plenty of tables and coding to be a great resource for the budding Codex or Army Book  Writer.

XV9s - Redheaded Stepchildren of the Tau Empire by Unusual Suspect
- Some of us Tau dudes, feel the XV9 is a little bit unloved, and under-powered. If you feel the same, why not post your thoughts and suggestions? We might get a decent unit yet ;)

Fluff & Stories

The Sons of Corvane by Chris
- Want an epic story? Here is how The Sons of Corvane began, and how they shall grow.

Index Astartes: Dreadwolves by Masked Thespian
- Here is a full bkacground to the Force built by our Mask-ter of Puns. Plenty to read, and to get you inspired.

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Thank you for reading,
The Second Sphere Team