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1000 Point Dark Elves Competitive List

Started by Carrelio, May 12, 2013, 12:36:07 AM

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As I've mentioned in the 40k section of the site my local meta is very competitive; so even though I'm building this army very slowly (converting all the models) and 1000 points will likely be as large as I can go without losing my sanity, I need to make a competitive list.  It think the following is pretty good, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Supreme Sorceress - 250 points
General - LD9
- the guiding eye
- lore of shadow

Goes with the crossbows, uses the guiding eye to buff their shooting, and lore of shadow to buff the army in close combat.

Master - 165 points
- heavy armour
- sea dragon cloak
- shield
- black dragon's egg
- sword of might

Goes with the crossbows as well, on the turn before they get charged he eats the dragon egg, breaths fire all over the place and becomes T6.

20 repeater crossbowmen - 225 points
- musician
- shields

The impact of ranged damage is increased in lower points because there are less models to soak up the wounds.  The crossbows soften everything up with shooting (including one turn of super shooting with the guiding eye), and then fight decently in CC with the aid of lore of shadow.

20 spearmen 180 points
- full command
- shields
- banner of murder

These just act as a shield for the crossbow's flanks to allow me to dictate where I get charged.  I was really just looking for the most wounds for the least cost; shadow magic makes them passable as a close combat unit.

Hydra - 175 points
It is what it is... a fire breathing, multi-attacking, underpriced monster.