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August Second Sphere UK Meetup 2014

Started by Narric, April 19, 2014, 06:50:00 PM

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Which August weekend works best?

1st - 3rd
8th - 10th
15th - 17th
22nd - 24th
29th - 31st


If more people chose their prefference in the poll above, we'd have a more solid idea of when would be the most preferable time to do it.

I'll probably bring my Chaos force, which'll potentially be all Fallen Dark Angels :)


We'll have to make sure someone has Yaketty Sax on their iPod then, in case someone turns up with regular Dark Angels ;D
A prize from the My Little Warhorse story contest:


I've gone for the third week, I've got a wedding every weekend in July, so provided I'm working, I'll need some time to save up a bit of moolah for fuel and FW goodies...


Now that you've said that I've realized I've been a bit tool-ish picking the first week, as I have my own Wedding to attend mid-July :P

Unless anybody has objections, I'm gonna go over to Facebook and set this as an event.

Looking at the poll, it'll be the Friday 22nd to the Sunday 24th. Hopefully this'll give plenty of time for travel and lodging bookings. Maybe we can group together at the hotel we did the last time. "Castle View Hotel" or something?



As I've said on the Facebook Event, chances are very slim I'll be able to attend. I get paid on the Friday, but there is little chance I'd be able to attend :P

Hopefully this will remind people that this is supposed to be happening :P


I'm still in, provided others show up. Who is (or even might be) coming?


Going by just the FB Event Page, Commissar Will said he was coming, and Chris might do. With obvious exception to those overseas, many haven't said either way.



Just figured I should remind people that the meetup is this coming weekend. So far only myself, Commissar Will and possibly Chris are coming, so if you can make it but haven't said so, please let us know. Will and Chris, if you could confirm that you can still come, that would be helpful. I don't want to show up and find that everyone's forgotten.